Spy Hill Landfill – 3

Plinky.com asked me what is my most non-traditional holiday tradition.

[and my first reaction, as a Brit, was why are they asking about summer holidays now – then I remembered that over here, it's vacation and holidays is the politically correct "we're not calling it Christmas because we want to include all faiths and celebrations" term]

I can't really think of one – I'm not a particularly traditional person, something I share with my family.

[wait… logic trap… does that mean we have a tradition of not having traditions – arghhhhh, circular logic!!!]

If I have to label something a non-traditional tradition, I guess it would have to be that I don't go mad for the cut-price sales that come around this time of year, where people buy stuff they don't necessarily need, simply because it's cheaper than the rest of the year.

[and trample each other to injury, or even death, in the process]

That's right, I refuse to submit to the excessive marketing tradition of the holiday season! I refuse to add to the landfill of holiday novelties!

But we do, like, er… rilly, rilly need a new fake plastic Christmas Tree for our 4th bedroom – the three that are in there look kinda lonely…

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