Plinky.com asked me which job I would have if I could have any job in the world.

I've written often enough here that I really don't care for regrets and 'wish-I-had' melancholia – this question, to me, is the flip side of that coin, the forward looking wish – once again, we find ourselves looking away from here and now to some mythical future (or past) – all of which distracts and detracts from living fully right now.

So, once again, I'm choosing not to answer with anything specific, because I don't have anything specific in mind.

A "job" to me denotes a vocation, the rendering of services for recompense in line with an employment contract. Having just emerged from 20 years of corporate life, I'm very happy NOT having a job, in that sense. I choose not to dream of an alternative future and, instead, continue to build a happy now.

Working freelance – consulting, coaching and generally doing what I can to make the world of work and life a better place. A great way to pay the bills.

Alongside that, I'm getting to write, record and play music as well as my latest experiments in spoken word pieces at http://VinceT.net/spoken-word/

In a couple of weeks I do my first solo show, just me, my guitar and backing tracks (with multiple recorded me's). I'm rehearsing for the show every day at the moment and it's getting pretty tight – the next thing is to prepare a loop of my poetry to project alongside me – for those who don't find the prospect of looking at a baldy Brit that appealing.

And, most important of all, getting to enjoy my family and be present as my kids grow into even more wonderful people than they already are.

Just from re-reading the previous few paragraphs, I'm conscious that my decision to pursue the portfolio life I wanted is working out just as I had hoped it would. And I guess that about sums it up. I'm living in moments I can love, not looking back with anything other than a learning eye, not looking forward with anything other than optimism.

If I could have any life in the world, right now – I guess it would be mine.


ps: for those in the North East US, should you want to come see the solo show, details are at http://Monkey68.net

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