Hungry deer asked me to identify one piece of technology that I cannot live without.

Just this morning, I'd been looking out our back windows at the deer who sometimes walk past. These beautiful, tranquil

[tick infested]

animals, existing in balance with the world around them; adapting to modern civilization, of course, but essentially unchanged – meandering from food source to food source, preparing for the lean months of winter, stocking up on energy stores.

Evolutionarily speaking, it's not so long since humans moved away from such wandering in the woods. The agricultural revolution

[read 'Ishmael']

that occurred around 10,000 years ago was really the beginning of technological support for an unnatural life; one that brings us to this present day and a question such as this.

Put simply, there is NO technology without which I cannot live. I can eat roots. If necessary, I can use a rock

[which, as a found tool, I'm discounting as a technology]

to kill an animal for meat.

Everything else is comfort and privilege. I like things I get to use – this laptop, the internet, my guitars – but they are enhancements to life, not life itself.

To conflate survival to the ownership of things is what the marketing men and women have been trying to get you to believe since trade began.

You will not die if you don't own.

You will not be a worse person if you don't buy.

But you will always have the opportunity to live fully within your means and be the best, most fulfilled self you can be.

And, though technology may help, it isn't necessary – the only thing it takes is you stepping into your potential.

Now… Where did I put that rock?

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