pathetic told me… no, ordered me to vent, asking me what's going on in my life right now that's driving me nuts.

In my immediate life – where decisions and actions affect me directly – nothing. I have been increasingly practising conscious acceptance of what is while living each moment in alignment with my own purpose. It's a cool feeling to let the petty stuff through, out and past. So, nothing to vent about here – I'm getting to write, make music, work and enjoy my family.

Beyond the immediate world, though, I am completely irked by the political idiocy currently playing out in this nation's capital. The Republican party of "no", and the Democrat party of "we'll apologetically suggest that maybe we could think of some potential options for consideration… if it's all right by you?"

The question asked here didn't ask me for answers, it just ordered me to vent. But that's pointless, the people with whom I'm irked – the politicians, special interests and conflict-addicted media – aren't listening.

And nothing will really change about the situation until the baby boomers are through and done – that's why the youth and 'alternative' vote went for Obama – the boomers' vision of how the world should be organized and managed ("we have the answer for how you should live your life") has failed – the world is more nuanced than single solutions and a culture of mediocrity.

As a Gen X'er through and through, geared to outcomes-based performance and fair reward, I watch these elected officials arguing ideologies and can't help but think of the phrase 'fiddling while Rome burns' – it looks more and more like kindergarten spats.


[and now you've got me riled first thing in the morning, Plinky – thanks for nothing… :o( ]

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