the art of possibility asked me what is my life's motto.

Oh, I'm having one of those moments where a word just seems really silly, and more silly each time I read it. Motto… Hahahahahahaha. From the dictionary, it's derived from the latin, with similar derivation to 'mutter'.

So… What do I mutter to myself like the hehehehe-ing hound on Dastardly and Mutley?

"I see only possibilities"

And I always have. From solutions to problems to ideas for business ventures/products/services. From unblocking performance for individuals, and teams to generating ideas for organizational change.

And, most importantly, these stories I dream and then speak in poetry, story and song.

From most situations there are numerous potential paths forward. Ever since I was young, I've been able to quickly assess and decide which way to go.

I've found joy in providing career counselling, in coaching others, in helping friends through messy relationship break-ups by helping them see what a different, better life might be.

It's why I call my business View Beyond, because I spend most of my time looking out from now, over the horizon and bringing what I see back to those who can't (or won't) look themselves.

It's a blessing most of the time, and a curse sometimes, to be so alive to change and generative energy. So much of the world – particularly the corporate world – is so fixated on maintaining the status quo that I've often suffered at the hands of entrenched people whose vested interest is to have their boat completely unrocked – even if that's bad for business, people and themselves. I've been labelled a loose cannon, a maverick

[before McCain/Palin dirtied that term]

I've been told that I operate 'at the bounds of reasonable behavior' for daring to think and act differently; for daring to improve the world.

And I won't back down.

I can't back down.

I see only possibilities.

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