Plinky.com asked me which meal I would eat for the rest of my life.

One meal – for the rest of my life. That's a long meal, if I have to eat it all the time. That's how I read that question, one meal the rest (as in 'all of…' not just 'at mealtimes') my life.

Of course, I believe it's meant to be a different version of "What's your favourite meal?", which is another list/enquiry question. I don't like list/enquiry questions that much.

Besides, there isn't one meal that I could name; I've always thought my death-row choice would be impossible.

So, I'll take a different tack – I want to live long enough to see my kids grow into more the wonderful people they already are – I want to make music for as long as I live – I want to continue to explore the human condition and write about it – I want to learn even more about how to help people move forward in their life.

So, I'd better make sure that this meal is healthy, right? That it doesn't hasten the onset of my demise? That means natural food, freshly cooked.

And my meal is: Fresh-made guacamole (my recipe) as a salad, with eggs, boiled or poached, and salmon.

That's it, simple but good enough to let me keep on living.

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