Lots been done, lots to do, lots to learn… And only more to come. Subscribe and stay tuned at http://VinceT.net to see how all this progresses.

Publish Family Rules
‘Family Rules’, my new novel, is done, redrafted and copy-edited. The submission process is underway, now I’ve just got to do the marketing blurb and stuff and I’ll hit send. This was one of my big goals this year. For the first time, I don’t have a ‘next novel’ in mind – some ideas – but I’m leaning more towards screenplays – ‘Family Rules’ is so tightly plotted and written that it almost reads like a script, and that style has been developing ever since ‘Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies?’.

Finalize 2010 Poetry Anthology
Early in 2011, I’ll be publishing ‘Garbled, Glittering Glamours’, my first ever poetry collection – I plan for that to be an annual thing from here on out. I already have most of it together, but there are odds and sods captured on paper that I need to transcribe. I’ll be using Amazon’s book publishing service for this one (zero set-up cost) so will have to do all layout and artwork myself. Macbook Pro, how I love thee.

Line-up next year’s projects
I hate specific goals, and generally live life in the moment – but I do find that if I’m just drifting I get anxious, so I always line up projects; which of the many possibilities I’m considering I plan to make real. In this transformational year, I’ve done all the things I set out to do and more, and the stage is set (metaphorically and literally) for great things in 2011.

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