Sweet Home Under White Clouds

Plinky.com asked me what was the single most important thing I accomplished this year.

Oh, there’s a list to pick from in 2010. Even easier to think of them as Venn sets, some are contained within others.

At the inner level, there’s finishing and publishing Family Rules, there’s getting Tony on-board in Monkey68 as our new drummer, there’s playing my first solo show in the US, there’s my first poetry collection, there’s forming my new business and landing my first contract, there’s… Well, there’s just so much…

Then wrapped around all that is leaving my corporate life of 20 years and standing up for who and what I am without compromise. Part of that is forming a great many new friendships centered in the arts and music scene locally – wonderful people and artists.

And all of that is enclosed by my achieving presence in the most important relationships in my life – as a father, husband, son, brother, colleague, friend and collaborator.

2010 has been a year of transformation for me, yet a return to who I’ve always been – so my single most important accomplishment this year has been to be willing to do the work to step back into my natural self.

Coming home has never felt so sweet.

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