Stevie Ray Vaughan told me I'd got one hour in a time machine and asked where I'd go.

Well, that's the most bloody illogical question I've ever heard. Sheesh!

Firstly, it's not 'where' but 'when' – it's a TIME machine not a jumbo jet.

Secondly, and I may have mentioned this, it's a TIME machine, so the concept of hours, minutes, seconds, millennia has no meaning.

And just in case it was on a meter somewhere, I'd keep using 59.999999999999 minutes of time and then jump back to when I'd originally set out – i.e. resetting the clock.

The more interesting question is: You have two trips in a time machine, one to somewhen else, and another back to now – what time would you choose and how long would you stay there?

Now, answering that question takes some thinking. All the times and events that I could go back and see…

I'd probably go back to the night I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan in London not knowing that he would be dead a year or so later – I'd enjoy that gig even more than I did the first time, soaking up every second of the maestro at work.

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