asked me, if I could work from anywhere, where would I want to live.

Interesting. The necessity of money to put bread on the table, roof overhead, and some sense of confidence in the future – all of it placing work at the centre of our day-to-day. That's undeniable.

But the idea that life is happening somewhere else while work keeps us where we are


I have made several major geographic shifts in my life – from my home town of Watford to Nottingham to study; from there to Kent; from Kent to New York and on to our current home in Connecticut. Each move was driven by career, of course – and I emerge now, consulting independently when I want to and able to work from anywhere.

In other words, I've satisfied the first part of the prompt – I can work from anywhere.

So, have I moved?

Erm… no.

You see, and if you read me here often you'll know what's coming, life is what happens while you're thinking about what a better life would be like. And since 2001 ( ) I've increasingly built a life that fits my shape and size. I enjoy my family, write, make music and help people and organizations do better for themselves and the world; it is the work of a lifetime to make each moment count, not frittering them away on wishes of what may be.

In essence we're back to the resistance I hear so often "I would… if only…" which I covered a couple of days ago ( ) which I'm not going to revisit.

The idea that people are trapped and wishing, longing, yearning for some mythical ideal life, while ignoring/squandering/denying the opportunity to improve more moments they already have, makes me intensely sad, and angry – ultimately, everyone who works chooses to do so, and I refuse to buy into the learned helplessness of the victim – particularly in western society, where so many have a great standard of living compared to the poorest of the world, yet still complain

In all the career counselling I've done, sooner or later we will arrive at the choice to work – once we strip away all the "I would… if only…" comfort-blanket denials, we get the clarity of "I feel I have to work and can't make a change because…" and that's when things take off – once we can describe the self-imposed limitations to our freedom to act, we can unpick them and discard those that are from an old story we told ourselves once-upon-a-time.

As we discard our shell, we see opportunities beyond the vulnerability of our nakedness. Rebirth is a beautiful transformation cloaked in temporary terror.

All of which is wider than the specific prompt asked for, but it's where the thread took me.

So where would I like to live, now that I can work from anywhere?

Right here

whichever here it is

Right now

whenever now may be

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