asked me to described my favourite ways to express my creativity.

You know, it would be easy to get all pluggy here (and Goldfish would rightly accuse me of being so :o)

I could say that I express my creativity in:

Novels –

Daily writing –

Music –

Kids – no link for this, and my Facebook pics are set to private

Web-tools – ; ; ;

Live poetry – ;

Consulting –

I could do that, but that would be… oh, I already did.

But Sunday morning finds me philosophical, so let me round out this answer with something that isn't just links to something else. I'll draw upon the teachings of Richard Strozzi-Heckler ( ) and adapt them slightly.

Each breath is a creative cycle.

It begins when I realize that I need to breathe.

This idea sparks into life.

"What would it be like to breathe?" the idea asks.

I decide to try it.

Inhalation begins.

My lungs expand, drawing in more air, the idea of breath blossoming into fullness until I can take in no more.

I hold the breath fearful of letting go, wanting to stay in this moment of completion.

But like all ideas, it pushes to be out of me, surging up my throat for release to the wider world.

And so it begins; the deflation.

The little death of the idea; the air, having done its work, leaving me empty, spent.

At the end of myself, facing the abyss.

Until a new idea sparks into life. "What would it be like to breathe?" it asks.

In each moment I breathe, I express my creativity – the medium or form matters little, for I am always the substance.

And, as my breath leaves me to make some plant, somewhere, stronger through photosynthetic effect, I trust my expressed creativity to find a home somewhere, with someone, making a difference.

In each moment we breathe, we express our creativity – the medium or form matters little, for we are always the substance.

Breathe. Just breathe.

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