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Plinky.com asked me, if I could enact one law, what it would be.



I'm not a great fan of legislating the behaviour of the many to control the actions of the few, so don't know that there's a specific prohibitive law that comes to mind.

Let me fantasize a bit.

A law. Applies to all people equally. Is clarified by case law over time. Is put in place for the good of the majority and maintenance of order in society.

OK. Here's the law.

Music. Everyone must learn an instrument and use that instrument to generate, and participate in, musical sharing within their community. The words 'tone deaf' and 'be quiet' are banned – particularly when applied to children who are still in the joy of using their natural musical resonances. A music tax is levied on all communities to fund live performance space – which is run on a not-for-profit basis.

Music connects communities. For those who would rather divide, music is a threat. My law would protect it from attack and from commercial misdirection.

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