Charging a drift of snow asked me what my fitness routine consists of

[and I can't help but think there's something grammatically off with how they asked the question…]

Well, as of yesterday, 4 hours of snow shovelling to clear our driveway. We've had several bouts of heavy snow over the past few weeks which sees our property under a couple of feet of undisturbed snow and, along the sides of the driveway, piles of shovelled snow up to five feet.

Yesterday, we had to cut through those existing piles to have somewhere to chuck the latest snowfall.

Here, we measure snowfall in inches and feet (over 3 feet in the past 2-3 weeks), whereas in my home country, England, snow gets measured in centimetres – just before Christmas, 10cm of snow was enough to bring the UK to a standstill, closing Heathrow for a few days, etc. That's about 4 inches – which, for the UK, is a lot

[particularly when it's the "wrong sort of snow", as British Rail claimed one year]

but it pales compared to what we have here now.

And, while it's still something of a shock to my British system

[much like the humidity of summer]

I think we're beginning to get used to it.

Oh, and in terms of fitness… I do karate as well :o)

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