Ride the Lightning

Plinky.com asked me for my theory on why we dream.

I think it's all chemo-electric signalling – over the course of days, weeks, months of our synapses firing in response to stimuli, residual chemicals build up that begin to interact at random to create mind-lightning.

Often these chemicals gather on the boundary between our sub-conscious and conscious minds, and so pull in imagery and connections that we wouldn't necessarily make. Because these random images are connected to our sub-conscious it's sometimes

[not often or always]

possible to relate them to underlying themes or events in life, giving a feeling of divination, second sight or sixth sense.

Because our sub-conscious is the equivalent of multiple super-computers whirring away many times a second, there's many "what if's…" playing out all the time of which we're completely unaware. When the overload of chemical triggers happen upon those "what if's…" the resulting imagery, interpreted as a dream can even have a sense of prophecy associated with it.

Our brains, though increasingly understood, remain largely uncharted – the electro-chemical accidents that result in dreams provide windows into what's happening "in there" and, while those insights are such a tiny/miniscule fraction of the overall activity that no conclusion should be drawn, they are quite wonderful to experience!

Anyway, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.