Round and around
they run
Dogs chasing tails
Fearing diamonds
like all fashions
are sure to pass
These caucus race
skipping and sprinting
One safe haven
to the next
Sliding for safety
the ump’s
upraised finger
Here stealing’s legal
except for the plan
Intentions all signalled
Surreptitious semaphore
foiling long-range
spies and sneaks
and snipers
Whispers in a glove
fingers pointing
The knee-lift
and the snap
Through curves
and fades
Sliders and slippers
hurled through
the sound barrier
All steaming
vapor trails
in the wake
A swing
a bunt
an empire-seeking
home-run smash
A dash for home
to round it out
And I missed it all
having stepped out
to buy
hot dogs
and beer

[from Marko’s prompt of: “Baseball”]