To be in the monochrome
seeing only
one way or another
Right or wrong
True or false
To see only
my way
or your highway
would be
an empty life
for sure
Some would say
it would stink
to be so
cloaked in absolutes
To see no shades
of grey
or colour
Such rainbows
would we miss
in such a life
of black and white
We skunks
to our own stench
Knowing only
our own reality
and kind
On defense
to shower
with fermented
point of view
from tv-screen
for the masses
Demonizing all
who don’t smell
like we do
To live life
in black and white
Stinky indeed
Wrapped in our own
little cloud
of reality
unable to smell

[From Lucy’s prompt of: “Skunks”]