birth, school, life, death in Waverley, New Zealand asked me, were I a professor, the subject I would most likely teach.

[though, of course, they didn't word it in such a way]

Well. What am I qualified to teach?

And what does it mean to teach, anyway?

I could teach, and have taught, organization capability and culture. I could teach talent optimization. I could teach workplace engagement. These are where I have professional capability and credibility. I've already taught in these subject areas.

But isn't that just sharing information? And that can't be all there is to teaching. No way.

I could teach more. Much more.

I could teach creative process. I could teach story lineage. I could teach connection across virtual miles.

I could teach what it means to recognize how the world (and our choices) shape us to a contorted form which doesn't welcome our natural energy patterns; how to break those patterns.

I could teach how to retain love for family and friends even in the coldest, repetitious, de-humanizing hotel suites.

I could teach how to forgive the sneering critics who won't pay heed to your art unless it has been commercially validated.

I could teach how to enjoy the blissful moment when a song connects to the audience; to a single tear shared in transmitted emotion.

I could teach what it is to ache with a love that pushes at the confines of physical, mental, spiritual bounds, desperate for expression.

I could teach what it is to have your heart break every time your kids giggle; what it is to let that small death welcome you into reborn form, open to the experience of love in each and every moment.

I could teach what it is to raise another to success and validation even while you stay obscured in the background; Merlin to another's Arthur.

I could teach you how to smile at yourself.

I could teach you to find comfort despite all the "coulds".

I could teach what it is to live.

To live.

Anyone up for the lesson?

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