A time of quiet for me recently, while I’ve been deep in learning a new web-scripting language – I’m making headway, but unlearning hard-learned lessons is really, unexpectedly tough. I think it’s because when I learnt PHP/MySQL to code all of my sites, I had to unhinge the structure of my natural thought and reform it to make things work. Now I’m having to do the same all over again. It’s left me ‘grrrr-ing’ plenty of the time over the past weeks.

But at last I’m emerging.

And that’s a good thing, because while I use the web to develop and share ideas, I’m a story-teller first and foremost and not a programmer. It’s a relief to be returning to stories again. So, some developments:

I started work on a stage-play (‘In Consequence”‘) which is out of the gates nicely – structure is done, I just need to write the thing!

I’m partnering with some folk to bring ‘Family Rules‘ to the screen – more on that as it develops, but the treatment (an early synopsis of the screenplay) is really, really good

I got great feedback on my first original screenplay, ‘Team Building’, and so I’m going in for a rewrite. Swapping out one of the lead character’s motivation and arc – that’s so much easier in script format than in a full-prose novel (though I must confess to a lack of motivation, I hate going back over things – like redrafting prior to publication… ugh!)

I’ve started work on a new novel, three chapters in – an interesting story inspired by some local news – I won’t jinx myself by sharing more, but stay tuned here (or on Facebook) for updates on how that’s going

Musically, I’m writing new songs and recording some older tunes that never got committed to silicon. Moving back in a classic RnB/Soul direction – an interesting and comfortable thread for me to follow (much like when we played as Roadrunner in theUK). And, after spending a few months tweaking and building out my guitars, pedals and amps, I’m really, really enjoying the sound that’s coming out now – playing is great fun. The band is going great, with Tony a natural fit on the drums. We’re playing the New London food stroll on May 11th (I think we’ll be on Bank Street outside the Fire Station) – 5.30-8.30pm – hope to see some of you there.

And there’s other stuff, of course (particularly in business where I’m pitching for some pretty interesting contracts) but talking about that isn’t really what I use this site for, so I won’t bore you.

Anyway, I’ve still got more re-programming to do before I’m done learning. And the sooner I get done with that, the sooner I step back into my story-telling self!

In the meantime, Love-Peace-Trust.