I found myself near to yelling at Anderson Cooper on CNN last night as they covered the storm-in-a-teacup non-controversy of Anthony Wiener (D – New York) and a seeming Twitter hack. Wolf Blitzer’s interview is an embarrassment (for Wolf, not Wiener). I despair for all news media which seems to only have two modes: flippant/goofy, or all-out controversy. And, if I want some political pundit’s opinion of twitter use, I’ll ask for it.

My reaction brought to mind a poem that I’d written as part of the WeAreStory transcontinental virtual poetry event in 2009 and subsequently published in Garbled, Glittering Glamours:

Glaring at the headline
I scream at screen and anchor
Your glinting eyes
do not conceal your hunger
Salacious hearsay
Wasted egos
When you wake
in clean morning air
Do you choke for need
of smog
Does it get you off
This masturbatory
for angels
with broken wings?