asked me which one crime I would commit if I knew I could get away with it.

Hmmm… That's an interesting moral question, isn't it?

I could be clever and think of a way to subvert a dictatorship – "A little free speech with dinner, methinks?"

I could be imaginative and think of a way to undermine a religion – "Actually, one shalt…"

I could be amoral and choose something like murder, just to know the experience of taking another life – "It's the rush, maaaaan…"

I could be metaphysical and say that I'd break nature's law of aging, mortality and decay in order to live forever

[except I really don't want to do that: ]

And though I'm loathe to simply pick a 'steal something' option – I don't need or want for much material stuff in this life – I'm ultimately going to choose a crime that, realistically, would provide a LOT of flexibility in this world.

The one crime I would commit if I were to be guaranteed of getting away with it would be:

Hack Bill Gates' finances on an ongoing basis to syphon his wealth to my own ends.

[after all, over the decades, Microsoft products have stolen many productive hours from me without asking]

Which leads to another potential prompt – if you had Bill Gates' BILLIONS, how would you spend it?

All joking aside, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is trying some cool stuff to help people around the world, please swing by their website:

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