Don’t worry, be happy asked me what I worry about.

I feel like I’ve answered this before on Plinky. Hang on, let me go check…

OK, it’s not just Plinky, but at my blog too. Here are links to that stuff:

Just recently, I’ve been worrying a little over whether anyone’s actually reading what I write:

Though the moment when I wrote that seems to have passed, thanks to my taking a more proactive approach to building my online presence as a story-teller, which is already having an effect, both on my mood and the world

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I don’t know that I worry for too long about anything, because I always challenge myself “well, what are you going to do about it?” As the posts above tell me over and over, life is just too short to let drift while I pay attention to worries or their flip-side, unrealized dreams.

Live, I say
Don’t worry
Don’t ache for might be
or might have beens
Just live

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