On Connecting With Others:

“As our story unfolds, we learn that power is not a thing, or something to be personally accumulated, or having someone obey us, but a capacity to surrender to something greater than either of us. Power is a reservoir of which we can partake, and to which each can lead the other…. we come to the realization: it is the surrendering itself that is empowering.

There are two other characters in our story. One is the landscape – the bronze hills, the lacquer-blue sky, dust, the trees faithful in their watching, the inevitable wind. The other is the great arc of time. Our story is not finished. What we learn takes time, and it links the tedious with the dramatic and the mundane with the transcendent. We are empowered only when we are available for it, moment by moment, in our continuing, forever changing story of who we are together.”

Richard Strozzi-Heckler (Holding the Center – Sanctuary in a Time of Confusion, 1997)

I have benefited greatly from Richard and Mark’s teaching at Strozzi Institute and strongly recommend you consider how you may grow your own potential with them.