Gibson asked me what the must-have toys were when I was a kid.

I kinda sorta answered this in a previous prompt:

but just so's I add something rather than linking…

[now, isn't that interesting? I'm half-way through writing my latest novel at the moment and, as a Brit living in the US, it's the first one that's a completely American cast and setting, so I'm writing characters with american phonetics and accents – and I just wrote that last sentence including one – arghh! I'm changing!]

Anyway… I was thinking about my must-haves when I was a kid, rather than those I was told were important to me by the advertising man.

A frisbee when we were on our summer holidays.

The original Star Wars figures – especially the Millennium Falcon scale model.

Stretch Armstrong.

Rubik's Cube (the original, my fastest time ever was about 48 seconds).

And many, many others of course. But the toys mentioned in the linked post are really where it was at for me.

Nowadays, it's guitars, amps and pedals, it's the experience of telling and reading stories to my girls, it's enjoying moments like last-night's water balloon fight on our trampoline after a VERY hot day.

It's nice now, knowing that my must-haves come only with the cost of willing love.

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