Going Underground, a song by The Jam in 1980, has been a near constant backdrop to my thoughts for the past few days.

I wasn’t a huge fan of The Jam, though even at the age of 12, I could tell that Paul Weller had immense talent and appreciate how tight they were as a band – I remember being particularly impressed by the solidity of Rick Buckler’s drumming.

So, as the song kept repeating in my head, I knew it wasn’t because of my reminiscing my long-ago youth.

And I also knew that I have a habit of hearing songs when my sub-conscious is mulling over something. So, this morning, I really started to listen to the specific verse that was playing

[yes, it wasn’t even the whole song I was hearing]

and these are the lyrics I was hearing:

Some people might get some pleasure out of hate
Me, I’ve enough already on my plate
People might need some tension to relax
Me, I’m too busy dodging ‘tween the flak
What you see is what you get
You’ve made your bed, you better lie in it
You choose your leaders, and place your trust
As their lies wash you down and their promises rust
You’ll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns
And the public wants what the public gets
But I don’t get what this society wants

And, of course, its my sub-conscious meditating on the political idiocy going on in the US at the moment, and the massacre in Norway, and the media’s endless fascination for angels with broken wings, and the fact that a lot of what I see and hear in the US right now sounds a lot like the UK in the late 70s/early80s, and… and… and…

And how it sometimes makes me feel just like the narrator in Weller’s song, like going underground.

And, by the way, it’s a cracking good song to boot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE1ct5yEuVY&ob=av3n