Hmmm… So, as part of publishing Escalation this week, I had to generate a new author picture – that’s it up on the right hand side of, with a picture of the kids over my right shoulder. After spending a good part of Monday looking at myself, I got an idea to revisit a little self-reflection that I first did about 4 years ago.

In my blog post of May 23rd, 2007 – What We do We see in the mirror?

[way back in the days when I was using mySpace as my blog!]

I explained some of my experience with somatic learning – a study and action of being that continues every day of my life. I won’t repeat that post here, but suggest you read it before going forward. The post refers to a picture (which is now a broken link):

Vince split 2007

These two Vince’s living in the same face… The overfull of life, almost ready to explode roundhead on the left, the more measured, ascetic, calm monk on the right. Mark Henning suggested Freud: the two faces my Id and Ego/Super-ego. At the time, I was very able to assess this experiment in light of the context of life, and remember a distinct sadness/melancholy at how tired BOTH these faces looked.

So, as I’m now in such a transformed state, physically, spiritually and mentally, I thought it would be fun to revisit the experiment using the Escalation author pic. Here it is:

Vince Split 2011.jpg

So, what do I see?

Well, I’m carrying less weight, so both these guys are thinner! It’s interesting that both faces seem less constrained, mouth slightly open

[if you’ve listened to Voice, you’ll understand why that’s important to me]

The left-hand (Id) seems less manic, more humorous – not nearly as overbearing as he was in 2007. And the right-hand, the monk, the Ego? Well, he looks… Younger, for the first thing (though that may just be me!), but it’s more than that – he seems less of an observer, more engaged with life. And, if it is all Freudian, then Ego definitely looks like he’s not having to exert such control over that manic Id on the left.

What a difference 4 years and true alignment with my own purpose has made!