asked me to summarise 2011 with one sentence for each month.

January found me reshaped, with a novel and poetry collection hot off the press.

February found me en-birthdayed and worrying that I didn't have an idea for the next novel.

March found me waiting, waiting, waiting, trusting the world to deliver whatever I needed.

April found me an idea out of the blue and the story surged.

May found me writing to a structure for only the second time in eight novels.

June found me in Puerto Rico, standing 'neath a waterfall after a hike through the rain-forest.

July found me back in my musical muse, recommitted to my songs and voice.

August found me finishing the novel I'd begun just four months earlier.

September found me worried about money.

October found me still committed to my story-telling self.

November found me finalising the redraft and ready for publication.

December gave me Escalation in my hands, a novel I hadn't planned, but that brought me joy to write.

And of course, there's so much more, but I was given a sentence per month, and that's what I've written!

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