“The city did not collapse in a shudder
The rain it never came
At least my confessions made you laugh
I know it’s a little crazed
But these dreams
They seem
So real to me”

REM – Sing for the Submarine (Accelerate, 2008)

Well, 2012 is here and so am I

[and, I guess, you]

and, as far as I can tell, the world outside is continuing pretty much the same as it was yesterday.

Which was 2011.

Yup, we’ve crossed another man-made rubicon, a date point defined by international agreements

[only, of course, my family in the UK, crossed it five hours earlier than I, and eight hours earlier than my family and friends on the west coast]

and folk are posting their reflections on the year just passed, and their hopes and commitments for the year to come.

This is a good thing; a small chance for self-reflection in a world that would steal oxygen from the pursuit of alignment.

I’ve written before about the importance of now and how I don’t look back in regret – so there’ll be no resolutions here, no prescriptions for how I will be a better person than I was last year. Every day is a resolution; every waking moment an opportunity for transcendence and redemption.

2011 was the year when I stopped trying, stopped denying, and simply accepted my story-telling self. 12 lunar cycles came and went, bringing me 2 novels, Family Rules and Escalation, 2 screenplays, Team Building and Inventing Kenny, and a collection of poetry, Garbled Glittering Glamours; bringing me friendship with James and Timmy, my screen-writing partners on Inventing Kenny; bringing me the joy of making music with Pete and Tony in Monkey68 and, every so often, wailing a few leads with The Rivergods.

2011 came and went in calm, busy tranquility, with me flowing into the cracks and rendering life smoother in the sailing.

And who knows what is to come in this story-telling life? After all, I’m the guy who was surprised by the initial idea for Escalation in April of last year and who’d finished the first draft by August, publishing in December. I’m the guy who has these weird dreams that just demand to be written.

I’m the guy who’s already laid the structure of the next project out on a restaurant table last week with James.

That’s me… Telling stories.

So, roll on 2012 – in every breath and beat of my heart, I’ll be resolving to be more of what I have the potential to be. In each moment, I’ll be loving my friends, family and the world we share. With each word, I am a commitment to tell the story as it should be told; honest, clear and true to my muse.

Roll on 2012… this world is not ending, it’s just becoming what it’ll be next.