Hi, all – I’m interviewed today at PumpUpYourBook.com, as part of the Family Rules Virtual Book Tour.

“… The book cover and author photo is the same thing – it’s a picture of my Dad and I on vacation when I was about 4 years old. I could make a pretty convincing pitch on that picture, so I’ll go with that.

About a year before I published Family Rules, it was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and we went back to the UK for a big party. It was great being in the heart of family and friends and seeing the love between and for my parents writ large. During the party, there was a slide-loop of pictures, many of which I had never seen.

As I was chatting with my brother, suddenly this picture appears, of my Dad and I sitting on a beach breakwater. Dad’s got his arm around me, smoking a cigarette, a smiling Jack-the-lad, and I’m staring out at the camera with a scowl – I’m either cold or unhappy about something. I was transfixed; had never seen this picture, didn’t remember the moment…”