Review of Escalation at Amazon

I’ve been humbled today by a review of Escalation at Amazon:

“… As this story unfolds Vince uses style and color to make this a tale that the reader sees, feels and experiences. This is all accomplished using highly readable, almost colloquial language that promotes page flipping — The premise is unique and the characters are ones that you will recognize to the point that you begin to believe this is potentially non-fiction. The reader is craftily woven into the story — solidly capturing and holding your attention. It only appears to be a “light read” whose premises stay with you long after you’ve finished it — on to the rest of Vince’s offerings ! …”

Escalation - A Novel - Front Cover
Escalation - A Novel - Front Cover

There is nothing better than hearing from someone who has read my stories, and this one hit me square in my heart and soul because it’s the core of what I’ve been trying to do since writing my first novel two decades ago: write as if there’s no writer, only the story on the page. To hear that anyone has grown into my stories to this extent pleases me so, so much – and to hear that it almost appears non-fiction is just… wow!

Thank you Ron, for your generosity in sharing your opinion, and thank you anyone who reads my stories, you have my love.


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