Hi, all – the Family Rules Virtual Book Tour continues today with an interview at Literal Exposure.

“… I like delving into quirks of psychology, and how that shows up in the everyday. So, you’ll find my books populated by characters who, while sometimes stereotypical, have some twist that makes them compelling. Usually, you’ll find these characters seeking connection and belonging, and learning something of themselves in the process.

In Family Rules, for example, you have two characters who are living invented lives: Kenny who runs away whenever reality comes too close, and his junkie soul-mate, Ivvy, who is attracted to normality like a moth to a flame. They are a warped mirror image of each other and the tension this creates makes their relationship pretty compelling.

These complex characters are in all my books, and I think it’s why so many readers tell me they can ‘see’ the movie when they’re reading the book…”