I’m sorry, I don’t work here any more

OK, first a warning: this will be something of a rant. I’m finally getting it all off my chest just so I don’t have to carry it any more.

And apologies to friends who aren’t in the US, because it’s most definitely an American thing

[though I do reserve the right to be informed it happens elsewhere]

OK. You’ve got fair warning.

Right now, in America:

  • Barack Obama is President
  • John Boehner is Speaker of the House
  • Deval Patrick is Governor of Massachusetts

We know this, right? It’s fact.

So, if I see Bill Clinton getting introduced anywhere as President Bill Clinton

[or even Mr President]

or New Gingrich getting introduced anywhere as Speaker Gingrich, or Mitt Romney being addressed as Mr Governor, any longer I will quite literally go thermonuclear.

Bill Clinton is an ex-president.

Newt Gingrich is the former speaker of the house.

Mitt Romney has not been Governor of MA since January 4, 2007.

[about the same time that Rick Santorum left the US Senate]

Or, in other words…


None of them have/had lifetime appointments.

I don’t know what it is that the media have to cling to titles – it’s certainly an aspect of American society, where the first question asked of anyone is “Oh, hi <insert name here> and what do you do?”

But in professional politics

[and let’s not pretend that anything in the state or national arena is anything other than professional politics, it definitely isn’t service]

every day sees implicit encouragement of the use of the last most senior title for candidates who are no longer employed in that job.

It’s laughable.

As a former/ex-recruiter

[see what I did there?]

it’s as laughable as an unemployed candidate coming to interview and demanding to be called by their last job title.


So say it with me: “Hey! Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, and every other talking head who has the temerity to suggest they have credibility to inform my political consideration – label these people for what they are: professional politicians.”

[or has-beens, or quitters, or shirkers, or usurpers, or interlopers… the list is endless]

End rant.

There, and I even kept my language clean.


Former-paperboy Vince Tuckwood


2 thoughts on “I’m sorry, I don’t work here any more

  1. Vince,absolutely brilliant. I love the analogy of the unemployed worker demanding to be callled by his/ her previous title.
    I also think, not sure. If this is America centric? But, people go nuts about the title they have. Can remember talking a manager off the ledge because the data sheet he was going to review with employee didn’t have the employees exact title, but the HRIS ‘s generic equivalent?
    AlsoI think the Name for your business is great, it captures your spirit, as I remember it the times I was fortunate to work with you on a team.



    1. Thanks, John – and don’t even get me started on “Mayor” Rudi Giuliani… Thanks also for the feedback on View Beyond – in my consulting work now, I seem to spend most of my time helping people see the change that they can be, and create, in their life and work – whether as individuals, teams or organizations – seeing that difference is what I think of as a View Beyond – let me know if you want to talk about pulling me in any time!


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