A couple of years back, I launched my story-telling experiment, WeAreStory.com – and this last week, I gave it a spring-clean and recommitted to my vision:

A community of writers building upon each other’s writing to tell a story that none of them could tell alone

As I was reinvigorating WeAreStory

[and, of course, myself]

I reflected on that initial crazy inspiration, the sheer turn-it-on-its-headed-ness of it.

Writers, if we believe the stereotypes, are solitary, isolated, tortured people, sitting on high mountaintops, or the depths of a liquor glass, chasing elusive inspiration wherever it might lead, over whatever barriers it throws in the way.

So, why the hell was I so inspired by the idea of getting writers to write together with no roadmap and no common concept of the destination?


I still don’t know, but the energy burst of inspiration that I experienced back then is still with me, and I’ve seen it sparkle in the eyes of people who hear about WeAreStory. A story that’s told in 500 word pods, only 5 of which can be in play at any one time (and only up to 3 with a single writer), all with a 5 day deadline.

That’s the spirit of WeAreStory: write and be damned.

Yet, here’s my dilemma, for the past couple of years, as I wrote and published 2 novels, 3 screenplays and a book of poetry, as well as ran a business and started an additional couple of web services, WeAreStory kind of flew in stasis, no further development or push from me to widen the community or extend the story.

In that period, I had new members join, but the site became much like any other writer’s web-site, with people publishing their own work and commenting when they felt like it. The idea of building a complex multi-stranded story got lost.

So, in the revamp, I’ve made that more clear – I’m fine with people publishing their own stuff, but I’ll be really excited when two writers collaborate to extend each others’ ideas.

With that in mind, I started a number of threads of the core story, all of which are open to extension:

  1. Chris, who finds a mystical cube on his desk one NYC Monday morning – this is the major thread and one I’ve extended significantly
  2. Angela, who committed suicide in Chris’ office block just a week before the cube appeared – she’s looped back into Chris’ thread in a post earlier today
  3. Genny, Chris’ girlfriend – heading out for dinner with him, remembering how the office lech, Gordon Green, had accosted her in the copy room
  4. Gordon Green – very much darker than Genny gives him credit for
  5. A mysterious gathering of violent pseudo-vampires in LA, being sent out into the night to feed
  6. A trio of black-clad figures seen leaving Angela’s apartment by Chris
  7. An old woman and young boy who seem to have insight into Chris’ past, present and future

All of these threads, just waiting to be extended.

Now, I know many of you reading this are writers, or know writers. And I have a favor to ask – well, two favors actually…

Firstly, come join the community at WeAreStory.com – look up my Pods, which house all the initial core threads, read them, see which one catches your interest, and then write the next pod.

Secondly, tell just one person to join us. Then tell another. And another.

It’s free, there’s no catch.

WeAreStory – so let’s tell it together.

In the meantime, keep writing – you make the world a little better every time you do.