A few weeks back, I posted On Writer’s Block, in which I mentioned:

I’m uniquely placed to help people move within, through and out of writer’s block

[with a little more depth than simply saying “just write”]

and love to do so.

So, without a beat of hesitation, I’m developing some tools and an interactive approach to do just that. Locally, here in Connecticut, I’m planning my first workshop, which will be announced in the near future. There’ll also be an online/virtual offering.

I’ve now developed and introduced the first stage, my offering as a writing coach and story consultant. I’m really excited about the tools and approach I’ve developed and what I’m able to offer writers – from feedback, it seems pretty unique – my first clients are going through the program now, and loving it!

As a writing coach and story consultant at Writers Unblocked (WritersUnblocked.co) I’m helping writers:

  • Gain fresh insights into why they’re not writing
  • Get to know (and maybe even love) their inner critic
  • Develop personalized, effective strategies for writing through and out of their block

I came across an interesting quote the other day on a writing web-site, in a thread about writer’s block:

“I don’t have writer’s block. I’ve got a story arc, characters, plot-line and everything. So, I’m not blocked. It’s just whenever I go to write, when I sit at my computer, I get distracted and just end up doing other stuff.”

In all my reading and background work, this was the most telling example of what I help blow through. So many people think that writer’s block is akin to a disease, that their are specific symptoms and, if those perceived symptoms aren’t showing, then they can’t have writers block.

And mostly, they connect writer’s block with the writing itself. That something needs to be fixed with the story, or essay, or song. I don’t see things that way – in my own writing, I always knew it was me that wasn’t writing, not that the story wasn’t there.

I’ll go back to my previous post:

Writer’s block is the state of wanting to write but somehow not writing

It’s writer’s block not writing block – it’s not going away, it’s a function of writing – and so the path is to accept it, get comfortable with it and develop the mechanisms that get you through; and, if we’re lucky, maybe even open up the alchemy of how to turn your block into an asset.

That’s what I’m doing with my clients – and it’s just fantastic to see years of calcified belief and blockage falling away. I’m working with fiction writers, songwriters, poets, teachers. All of them blocked in some way or other that is peculiar and particular to them.

Step-by-step, piece-by-piece these writers are:

  • Identifying the motivational disconnects that are keeping them from the page
  • Developing a route map through their current block
  • Turning their writing into a powerful magnet that they just can’t resist

For me, there is no thrill as great as helping people step into their own potential – and now that I have the tools and approach to help do so at a fraction of the cost of other solutions

[the 1-to-1 coaching at Writers Unblocked is just $199 all in, with no hidden costs, and a complete money-back guarantee if I’m unable to provide any insights]

I’m simply loving the joy of doing just that.

If you write, yet are finding yourself not writing, I can help – drop me a line here or at Writers Unblocked.

With love,