Well, after the Radiohead gig on Tuesday, my friend

[as in a real person, not just a connection on Facebook]

Dave and I sat in my car for almost 2 hours in the Comcast Center car park. Not too much to comment upon except for the guy in front of us needing to jump-start his car because it died before he could hit the road, or the game of frisbee being played right amongst the queued traffic – and the surprise of the players when

[oh wow, how did that happen? So, sorry dude…]

the frisbee hit a car in line – or more accurately several cars in line… grrrrrr…


Dave and I were chatting and he was asking me what I was up to creatively. As usual, it was a long list. I told him about:

  • MySetlist.co – the missing tool for live performers
  • WritersUnblocked.co – my unique offering to help writers come to terms with, move through and prepare for their inevitable writer’s block
  • WeAreStory.com – my writing experiment where, together, we tell a story none of us could tell alone
  • And, as ever, the stories in waiting – at current count 2 novels, a screen-play and stage-play.

As I was telling him about Certainty – the screen adaptation of Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies? – I was lamenting the million-to-one chance that would be landing a screenplay with a production company, and he asked me if I’d ever considered doing it as a stage play. The answer was no, of course.

Though maybe it wasn’t.

Because as soon as I started thinking aloud, I was already working out how to make certain scenes and effects work and, sure enough, by the time we drove out of the car park, I’d already decided to do it.

The next day, still buzzing from Radiohead, I completed half of the first cut stage adaptation – which was fairly easy because I’d already done the screenplay. And, while Sparrows is a story that I’ve always seen cinematically, I have to say that it’s tone of internal narration seems to fit very well with a stage production.

As I’m writing the script, it shaping up as an independent production, making use of multi-media to achieve some of the other-worldliness of the plot – and I’ve already started chatting about that with potential collaborators. Such is my excitement that I believe I’ll try to raise the funding to produce and stage it locally myself – with a cast of willing volunteers, of course. Maybe it’s the inspiration of the Monte Cristo Bookshop fund-raising effort, but I can already see the fund-raising first public read-through – with audience reaction captured live.

After this weird, roller-coaster week, especially Thursday’s low and bounce-back, it’s great to have this buzz – and I suspect that the roller-coaster will prove to have been just my muse’s way of kicking me up the arse.

Stay tuned, you will definitely be hearing more about the stage-adaptation of Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies?