[Originally posted at MySetlist.co – 4th June, 2012]

Tyler Stenson is one of those artists that pop up quite regularly on the Singer/Songwriter channel at Reverbnation and, while his songs sit comfortably in the Americana/Folk/Country universe, I always know a) when it’s him; and b) that he’s got that indefinable something.

I could have chosen any of his songs to review here, so have gone with Carry On – there’s no particular reason for this, except maybe to point out some of what I react to.

Carry On is a lilting, relaxed song – with uke solo to boot – and, in the guitar picking, a nod to Jack Johnson. And, that’s where it could end, but there’s something about Tyler’s voice that takes it somewhere else. There’s confidence here, sitting comfortable within the mix, yet unafraid to be up front – just the right balance between vulnerability and strength.

Another note on production here – I’m listening to MP3 remember – this song sounds lovely – I suspect a true analogue source recording, though I’ve been wrong on that before.


You could do much, much worse than taking some time to get to know Tyler Stenson’s voice and songs.

In the meantime, keep making and listening to music – you change the world a little for the better every time you do.

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