[Originally posted at MySetlist.co 6th June, 2012]

Today’s song, Smash, comes courtesy of The Suicide Dolls, from their excellent new record, Prayers in Parking Lots. The Suicide Dolls are based out of New London, CT.

Reading an interview with Michelle (bass), it sounds like the record was tracked and mixed in 4 days. It’s an astoundingly polished collection of songs, a slab of no-holds-barred alternative rock, and the sound of a band that has honed its playing and performance on the live circuit. Younger bands should appreciate this lesson: great sounds come from playing shows – a LOT of shows.

With debut studio records, bands often fall prey to “can’t we just add another track?” syndrome and, undoubtedly Brian (guitars, vox) has added multiple guitars to the mix here – particularly in the breakdown at the 4-minute mark – but it’s to the credit of the band, and their production team, that they didn’t end up over-cooking this dish. It’s tight. Focused. Precisely chaotic.

Lyrically, little snippets come through – our narrator is heading for an apocalypse, facing unseen forces, possibly even his own interior demons, reaching the end of his capacity to hold back. Finding comfort in the darkness and those who “flock during the night-time”. It’s gloriously unspecific stuff, yet somehow compelling.

Unfortunately, though the band is on Reverbnation, this track isn’t up for streaming, so I can’t embed the widget here – but you can hear it (and more importantly BUY IT) at The Suicide Dolls Bandcamp page.

For those who have been missing straight up rock music, Prayers in Parking Lots has it in spades and should be on your playlist right now.

Keep making and listening to music – you make the world a little better every time you do.

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