First they will tell you
you’re not patriotic
“You hate
that we love
in this country”

Second they will tell you
“Your free speech
is dangerous
Not to be heard
by fragile ears”

Third they will tell you
“Be ever-more scared”
Night-time knocks
on doors
Rendition to gulags
Disappearance the norm

Fourth they will tell you
“Trust us instead
We stay
the course”

Delivering everyone
from invented evil

Fifth they will tell you
stay ever docile
“We’re making
life better”

There’s nothing behind
that curtain over there

When you’ve stopped listening
When you finally
give in
give up
Wave white flags
of accepting denial

These charlatan preachers
Corporate raiders
have already destroyed
all that you loved

And you will proudly
speak of times
marched in protest
occupied something

You will sing sepia songs
of overcoming

No you won’t
complicit in the downfall

“We can sing once more!”
You cry in the sunset
each other
embracing the reality
you’ve let them construct

Only now when you open
your mouth for the speaking
comes out
Placid cow chewing cud
you deserve only the meat factory