Having just posted about the artistic malaise that’s been floating over me these past few weeks, I thought I’d counterbalance that energy by sharing the first

[actually, it’s the second, the first was a couple of years back but it’s taken me this long to get things arranged to do it again!]

live poetry writing session, which happened last night.

I was actually due to kick things off on Saturday night as part of the IAM Festival here in New London, CT – where I was planning to write and project poetry all evening. Unfortunately, the weather did for that and so I was left with the functionality I’d prepared and an unrequited desire to use it!

I’d already intended to grow from the festival out to regular online sessions, so last night just decided to go for it with no fanfare or publicity. There is some background here – I’ve been using various forms of publicity

[emails, flyers, Facebook events, twitter announcements, Reverbnation gig listings]

none of which seem to make any difference to attendance and, as the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results, this time I decided to let people miss it unless they were lucky enough to catch the live postings via Facebook or Twitter. Which some people did. We spent about an hour together last night, me reacting to prompts and writing whatever came to mind.

You can see what happened at Live Poetry by Vincent Tuckwood.

Writing poetry live fills me with energy, while simultaneously draining me in the best of ways. I intend to do it a LOT going forward – and, as things stand, I’m likely to continue ‘not-announcing’ the events ahead of schedule. When they happen, I’ll be Facebook-ing and Twitter-ing them live, so I’d encourage you to join me on those feeds, if you haven’t already: