For those who have been following along, I started offering coaching to writers a while back through – this is, I believe, an unprecedented approach to helping writers get to the page more often, and with greater satisfaction. Feedback has been great and I’m confident it’s going to help many writers in years to come.

As a great fan of experiments

[have you been to You really should]

I’m moving forward on a long-held plan – a workshop for writers, aimed at bringing some of the Writers Unblocked methods and teaching to a larger audience. The first workshop is happening on 13th February

[don’t worry, it’s not a Friday]

at Monte Cristo Independent Bookshop in downtown New London, CT. It’s free, so there’s really no excuse not to attend

[aside from, maybe, if you live too far away]

I’ve begun working on the session: structure, content, flow. It’s all looking really good, and I’m filled with optimism that the writers that attend will gain experience, relationships and tools to get them out of the way of their own writing.