WritersUnblocked.coBy the time I got to bed, I was exhausted – for the first time in a long time, I’d fallen asleep on the sofa in front of the TV.

That’s a good thing; a feeling I

[and I suspect many other performing artists]

know well – buzzed from the gig, yet deflating from the adrenalin.

What had I been doing to earn this blissful state? A Writers Unblocked workshop, that’s what!

For those who haven’t been following along, here’s a recap – for a little while, through Writers Unblocked, I’ve been offering 1:1 support to writers

[of any genre]

who are stuck in that crazy place where they want to write but, somehow, aren’t writing. To do this, I bring my own experience as a writer

[and, yes, I have been blocked – anyone who says otherwise is selling something]

but I blend that with my experience as a coach and counselor

[I don’t often mention my professional experience here, but for nearly two decades I’ve helped people, teams and organizations move forward and change]

It is, I believe, a unique approach to helping artists move forward. And, sure enough, as this latest workshop proved, there’s also good opportunity to enact this support in a group setting. What did we do?

Well, first, we got to know each other as writers – who we are, what we write, where we get blocked, and what the block looks/feels like.

Very quickly, we moved on to look at the ‘critic’, who he/she is really, what the critic makes you hear and feel, and how to distract the critic long enough to, well, write!

After we’d gained common ground on my framing of writer’s block and the role of the critic, we started to play. Fast creative exercises, building off short vignettes launch-pads I provided. We felt what it was to write to deadline, knowing that the writing would be judged. We felt what it was to write and then give that writing to someone else to read out loud. We felt what it was to write when the critic had been sidelined for a little while.

We looked at what we extracted from the vignette, what we introduced, how our own motives, values and preferences showed up both in our writing and in our choices about writing.

As ever, we gained insight that will prove helpful heading forward along this writing path. What fun!

I was especially heartened at the end of the night to receive wonderful and generous feedback that I am able to make a difference through Writers Unblocked, and that my offering of 1:1, short workshops and extended retreats does provide the right structures to do jus that!

My many thanks to the writers who gave of themselves last night

[and who continue to give every time they write]

you left me buzzing with excitement and satisfaction! And, of course, a huge shout-out to Chris and Gina who are working so hard to make a difference through the Monte Cristo Independent Bookshop.

Stay tuned for the next workshop, which should be happening some time in March and, as ever, if you want to talk to me about a 1:1 approach, a workshop or arranging a retreat, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with me.