A lovely, generous review of Sparse from Pat Daddona – what can I say, the lady has GREAT taste!!!

Music-making, With Love

“When the room is dark, how come I see so clear?”

–“The Lights Are Out,” on Sparse by Vince Tuckwood

Vision is Vince Tuckwood’s obsession.

What is visible, what can be seen, how we connect or disconnect based on what we see.

And where the journey takes us.

In his new compilation, Sparse, you are not simply getting his take lyrically on sight and insight. You are getting a meditative musical landscape populated by bare-bones acoustic guitar, delicate keyboards and a gentle lead guitar solo by John Fries in “2 Pieces.” Eric Lichter and Josi Davis also make guest appearances in some songs on piano and backing vocals, respectively.

The bare-bones image of tree branches against a winter sky on the CD cover, shot from a view straight up in his backyard, captures visually the longing for connection in his words and the sturdy tone to his sweet voice.

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