Earlier, I shared some thoughts about writing, the challenges therein, and my commitment to do so. You can probably infer from that post that I would rather have one person read what I’ve written than have 100 people share their surprise and amazement that I’m a “Writer”

[a label I try to avoid – and never capitalize – spit!]

To this end, I do pay attention to page views here, and likes, and comments

[though for some reason, I don’t get many of the latter]

just to make sure I’m not shouting in a vacuum. As I’ve been doing so, I’ve begun to notice that I’m getting more and more likes, but they seem to outweigh the number of page-views – I don’t know WordPress’ data architecture, but the bottom line would appear to be that people are reading

[thank you!]

somewhere that doesn’t register as a page-read stat.

[which leads the the question: “Where are YOU reading this?” Please tell me in the comments section – I’d love to know!]

And that leads me to realize that here I am blathering on about writing and you probably don’t see the links at the page which detail my novels, poetry and music. I was thinking about posting a catch-up list, when the universe intervened with strong reinforcement. A friend on Facebook posted this quote:

You cannot start the next chapter in your life if you’re constantly re-reading the last.

And I realized that, because I don’t have a publicity machine, or even a marketing budget, I’m always having to look backward to what I’ve written, while trying to move forward with what I’m writing. So, to reduce that a bit, and help you catch-up with what’s already out there, here’s the body of work to date:

Sparse (CD) – A collection of stripped back acoustic songs, vulnerable yet strong. I’m humbled to hear it compared to Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake.

Escalation (Novel) – When police officer Charlene is placed into a small New England Town High School, she has no idea that she is the catalyst and pivot for an escalating spiral of violence.

Family Rules (Novel) – Kenny is struggling to form an adult identity and overcome his upbringing as a child-star, when he accidentally abducts a toddler.

Karaoke Criminals (Novel) – In a Spanish karaoke bar, Roxi’s about to learn her dreams of being a star can come true, when Brian offers to hook her up with his connections back in London. Only Brian’s got some scores to settle, and Roxi just might get caught in the cross-fire.

Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies? (Novel) – A washed-up, alcoholic sea-view painter confronts the dark heart of his muse, finding love comes at a cost, and that Certainty may be anything but safe.

Garbled Glittering Glamours (Poetry) – A collection of poetry published here and elsewhere in 2010.

So, that’s it to date – and I’m now a little more free to head up mount write-what’s-next. I hope you read and/or listen to something from this list.

Thanks for reading – you have my love.


[ps: don’t forget to let me know where you read this! 🙂 ]