Long day yesterday. Caught between the writing, looking for next consulting and coaching gigs, and then an evening of music, collaboration and extension at the Common Ground Open Mic.

As ever, feeling the yearning to continue to grow this self I’ve worked so hard to release, and not let petty anxieties swell beyond their rightful place – whatever problems I have are tiny compared to…

[fill in the blank]

Anyway, on the way to Common Ground, my iPod on shuffle in the car and up comes The Outsiders by REM – one of the strongest songs from their overworked


record, Around The Sun. In my rear-view mirror, the fading sun burnt towards the horizon. The moment grooved and soothed, hitting just the right spot – as music often does – lancing into the core of my mood and muse. As ever, I found myself hooked by the tired yet committed protagonist in Q-tip‘s rap

[from Stipe’s words]

A man walks away
when every muscle says to stay
How many yesterdays?
They each weigh heavy
Who says what changes may come?
Who says what we call home?

I know you see right through me
My luminescence fades
The dust provides the antidote
I am not afraid
I’ve been a million times
In my mind
This is really just a technicality
frailty, reality

It’s time to breathe
time to believe
Let it go and run
towards the sea
They don’t teach that
they don’t know what you mean
They don’t understand
They don’t know what you mean

They don’t get it
I want to scream
I want to breathe again
I want to dream
I want to float a quote
from Martin Luther King
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
I am not afraid