Well, for any of you following along, you’ll know that I’m about 20,000 words into the new novel, RUFUS

[that’s a working title, obviously, but I suspect it’ll also be the final title]

I put the book down while I concentrated on getting Sparse recorded and released. Well, that’s only half the story, I guess. All of my novels have stalled at about this point

[even those mapped out completely]

as I begin to realize that I am, once again, beginning to scale Mount Write-What’s-Next – the longest that ever lasted was 5 years with Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies?, the shortest a month or so for Escalation. For RUFUS, the catch-my-breath was about 6 months, and today was the first day I sat down to advance the story. It felt good to be picking up the threads again.

I’m still not ready to really lift the lid on the plot – even though I’ve got the skeleton mapped out, it’s highly likely to change, and I want the story’s reality to speak to me before I share it.

I can share that I’m enjoying learning about our wandering minstrel, Rufus: who he is, where he’s been and why he’s in the world

[both what he thinks is the answer to that last, and also what I know to be the real answer]

I’m also happy to be bringing back a character from a previous book as a key supporting player in Rufus’ journey. That’s an interesting discovery in and of itself – to anyone who’s read my books, I’ll be interested to hear guesses as to who it is.

In the spirt of proving that I’m not just playing coy with you, I thought I’d share this paragraph that appeared just now – it’s hot off the press and, as ever, I reserve the right to change it completely. That said, it felt good to write it – one of my run-on, vomit paragraphs!

Floating, deep in the song, deep in the harmony, resonance and tune, deep in the words flowing one to the next, stringing like pearls, like ancient wisdom handed down and down, on and on into common acceptance, rendered natural, rendered beautiful, fine oils, brushstrokes and belief.

Just one moment among others for Rufus, and one moment among others for this story-teller practicing his craft…

Be well,