Yes, I admit it, I’m writing and posting this on a Saturday. I’m two days late

[for a deadline of my own creation]

so in the spirit of writing from wherever you are, I thought I’d share my own observations of when I get distracted and delayed – after all, I have come to see over the years how these distractions and delays become easy hooks, excuses, get-outs for when I am blocked.

So, first of all, the reasons for this specific delay:

  • Thursday was a field trip to the zoo with my eldest daughter’s class – I had volunteered to play chaperone for the day
  • Thursday evening was a band practice with Anne Castellano & The Smoke (my lead guitar gig)
  • Friday I was catching up on work – the kind that actually pays the bills – as well as sourcing new consulting gigs
  • Friday afternoon, I also had to dig into the wiring of my Rickenbacker 360, to cut down on the amount of electrical interference it picks up
  • Friday afternoon I had regular karate class and then, about an hour later, an extra class as part of preparation for my black belt test in October
  • Saturday morning was a slow wake up, and then later this afternoon, I’ll be singing and playing at SpinDrift Guitar Store‘s Grand Opening.

There… That’s a lot of hooks, excuses, get-outs upon which I could hang writer’s block, isn’t it? Good thing I’m not blocked at the moment, nor looking for a way out.

There was a time – really, not so long ago – that I would have been frustrated by now, at how I wasn’t getting to the page because of all the stuff in the way. I would have been blaming all of these things from stopping me doing what I wanted to do.

Or, in other words, I would have been playing victim to these distracting persecutors

[if you’ve never jumped into Karpman’s Drama Triangle, you really should]

But right now, aside from physically aching from the karate sessions, I’m feeling pretty good. How can that be? How can I have changed so much in such a relatively short period of my life? Well, let’s reword that list above:

  • Thursday, I spent time with a child I love, embedded in her world, watching her learn and grow
  • Thursday evening, I explored new ideas, reordering my rig, using a different guitar than normal, jamming on a new song
  • Friday I delivered on commitments, delivering work that is intellectually stimulating
  • Friday afternoon, I jumped into practical problem-solving, using my hands to fix my guitar
  • Friday afternoon, I progressed in my martial arts journey, pushing myself physically, lifting technique towards excellence, teaching some forms to other students, enjoying the camaraderie of the mats
  • Saturday morning, recharged and looking forward to what’s next

Or, in other words:

  • Loving
  • Growing
  • Working
  • Doing
  • Learning
  • Connecting
  • Living

And while I am doing all these things, I have no worries that the writing will flow when I need it to; as it has right now for this week’s insight.

Long may I live to encounter such joyous delays and distractions.