A quick scan of recent posts will let you know that I’ve been facing some delays and distractions from writing recently. Some of it block-induced, some due to a dip in self-confidence, some due to the intrusion of regular, every-day life.

So today – in an attempt to break my habitual patterns, I set myself a challenge: come up with an idea for a short film and write the screenplay before the end of the day.

Spontaneous writing isn’t new to me – Garbled Glittering Glamours contains a year’s worth of mostly prompted poetry – and I’ve been known to do Live Poetry online

[something I need to do more of soon!]

I’ve been working with a local director/DP on a full-length feature – 1st cut done, ready for rewrite – and we’ve kicked around the idea of doing a short to enter in some festivals, as a way of raising capital for the full-length. But, per the above, I’d not got my focus on an idea or the screenplay.

Until today.

I’d spent lunchtime over at a Blues festival volunteering, and I got out earlier than expected, climbing into my car at about 2pm. As I pulled out of the car park, I just said to myself, “what’s the short story going to be about, Vince?” Over the next 10 minutes driving home, the idea arrived, solidified and I had me theme, context and characters.

On getting home, I said “Hi” to my beautiful ladies and headed upstairs. A quick outline and I was ready to write. The screenplay – it’s title, developed in the car, ASYLUM – emerged in about an hour

[maybe even less]

and I reviewed and tightened it immediately.

From idea to proofed first draft took about 3 hours – and the subject matter touched into some of my core motives and concerns, so I was quite moved by the core of the story. Not only that, but I can also see how the story and characters can expand to a full-length movie, or even a television series.

ASYLUM is now with my buddy, and we’ll see what comes from here – who knows, maybe I’ll be inviting you to a Kickstarter fairly soon.

Today is a good day.

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