Kickstarter Day 3 – We’re 4% funded!

We’re on our way – please help us make ASYLUM by becoming a backer at

ASYLUM - A Short Film

I’m amazed at the generosity of people – I checked the Kickstarter page for ASYLUM this morning and we have 5 backers who have chipped in an average of $45 to get us to the 4% funded mark – still a long way to go, but heartening all the same.

I know how it goes, dropping by the Kickstarter page of a project, getting interested, thinking “I’ll be sure to drop by again and contribute!”

Only that return visit rarely happens.

So, do me a favour, OK? If you have even an inkling that you may want to help us make ASYLUM, go there now and sign up – it’s quick and easy; your details stay private, the transaction is handled by Amazon. And if we don’t make our target, you don’t pay. With contributions starting at a dollar, there’s really nothing to stop you

[and, as a Brit…

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