It must have seemed like a good idea to someone. Because I can’t believe that  this stunt was the brainchild of one person, no matter how gifted or depraved or misled or inspired or…

Well, just any other word, I guess – this thing reeks

[ooh, there’s a word I’ve never used on this blog before – I have been reading the Game of Thrones box-set, however, and as one character is forced to adopt the name Reek, I guess it’s hardly surprising that it’s bumping around in my sub-conscious]

of corporately managed, manicured, over-the-top scandal-in-a-can, with it’s nod to historical scandalous performances and storm-in-a-tea-cup controversies.




OK. Good.

See, I was inspired by a humorous piece in The Onion t’other day: Let Me Explain Why Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was Our Top Story This Morning.

The non-specific, yet somehow close enough to the subject to perhaps be legitimate, content at the start is for all those summarizing link engines/RSS feeds. Because I’m really interested to see how much traffic this post’s title drives to my blog.

You’ll notice I’m not commenting on anything. Not expressing an opinion. Not judging anything. Not talking to specifics, or even mentioning anything at all.

So let’s see how many people come to the blog in response.

And just so I don’t turn into a bandwagon jumping, self-serving parasite, I’m not going to mention anything about the writing of my new novel, or the kickstarter campaign for my short film, or… well, any of it

[though I do reserve the right to be able to do so in other posts]

I do commit to share, at a later date, the traffic stats for this post – which is really nothing to do with anything, except how a celebrity’s name might tweak a search engine’s interest.

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