Just going to make it in for day 2

[about half an hour before midnight]

of the 25 songs in 25 days challenge – and I find the challenge may indeed have been set by a teenaged girl. Today’s song is to be:

A song that remind you of your most recent ex-boyfriend/girlfriend

Well, let’s see, I’ve been completely, happily and totally committed to my lady, Jane

[first my partner, then my wife]

since September 1992, but this song isn’t about her, it’s about my most-recent ex-…

Which means I’ve got to go back before Jane. Between my leaving university in 1990 and finally finding Jane, I had a few ‘encounters’. Despite my openness, I’m a profoundly private and respectful person when it comes to people I care, and have cared, for so I won’t be writing anything more than that.

Yet I have a crystalline moment, of lying in a bed, during a weekend visit, holding this person close, feeling the twin poles of intimate contact, yet knowing the flame was fading fast; the joy of the moment, and the abyss that was always certain to swallow us whole.

As I drifted somewhere between waking and oblivion, so tired yet wanting to stay with the moment, REM’s Out Of Time was playing from a little CD player down by the side of the bed

[I seem to remember this being the weekend it was released, and that I’d bought a copy during the visit]

and this was me, in that moment:

Country Feedback is a song which still has the power to reduce me to tears when the moment is right. Truly, achingly beautiful. This version, from the Perfect Square DVD is as good as any I’ve heard.