Well, I missed a day yesterday, so I’ll have to do two today to get back on schedule. So, here is Day 5

[on Day 6]

of the 25 songs in 25 days challenge.

I don’t often have a song that keeps recurring, unless I’m in the process of writing my own music, in which case the new tune will be stuck on mental repeat. What I do know is that when a song has a good hook/melody, if I start singing it I can’t stop – and I guess maybe that’s my definition of a song getting stuck in my head.

When I think of it in those terms, there really is only one song that I can share today, because if you even hum the first line to me, I’ll be singing in rapture for the rest of the day, my whole mood and self shifted towards love and belonging, feeling lighter on my feet and fuller in my heart.

For me, Is This Love by Bob Marley and the Wailers is THE perfect melody – even listening to it now on YouTube while I type, I’m easing deep in its welcome. I will be singing this song all day!